Welcome to the Newtownards History & Genealogy Website

In memory of William David Derek Beattie, the people's historian

1947 – 2016

Published as a tribute to his humanity, passion and dedication


This website was originally designed, researched and published solely by Derek Beattie as well as continually updated by him over a period of many years until his untimely death, fuelled by his passion for people and history and in particular, his passion for the town and people and history of his Newtownards, his home ground.

Fuelled also by the pleasure he saw it was giving to the thousands of people who sent him more photos and information and told him how much they loved browsing his website to reminisce and to share pictures with younger generations. Derek took great pleasure in pleasing people.

Following a mysterious disappearance of his website shortly after his death, it has been reconstructed and re-published by Friends of Derek Beattie as a tribute to him and his tireless work gathering together this huge and invaluable resource for local historians and ex-pats alike, and for the benefit of all those who have missed dipping into this much-loved collection.

As such the site is now a finished document but for the sake of local history, if anyone has any more historic photo/s or information they would like added to the site, they can include it in an email with explicit permission to publish it. Be assured it will be reviewed and considered and we will do our best as volunteers but with limited time and resources we cannot say if or when it may be published, nor can we answer any queries.


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